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Changing Lives, one at a time!

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What's New:

August, 2013

2014 Emergency Medicine Symposium.

The next EM Symposium will be held from March 3-7, 2014 at Cho Ray Hospital in Saigon. The focus will be on EMS and its development. There will be 4 conferences: Leadership, Physician Symposium, Nursing and Medical Student Conferences. For more information please contact us here.

Current News:

October 2013

Summer Mission 2014

Mission 2013 to Cao Bang was accomplished successfully. See our blog at Application for Mission 2014 is available HERE and Deadline is November 10, 2013..

"What Is This Life For?"


"In 2004 we first came to Cao Bang a young mother and her 12 year old little girl came to us for help. The mother was dying of cancer and like any other type of cancers, we just don't have the means to help them. In her case, her cancer was quite advanced. There wasn't anything we would do but to help the little girl prepared and burry her mother. Soon after we left she became an orphan. None of us remembered her any more. Nine years later, Summer 2013, we came back and that little girl by chance found out the Good Samaritans were back in town, she came looking for us to thank us for the help we gave her 9 years before. With tears in her eyes, she told us it was because of what we did for her, no matter that she became an orphan, she determined to go to school to become a teacher so that one day she can help another child as repayment for the gift she received. Today she is now living out that pledge as a young teacher."