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What's New:

Summer 2012 Application

August 20, 2011

Save the dates: Summer Mission 2012 will be July 13-28. Application will be available online October 1, 2011

Current News:

Summer 2011 is over, looking forward to Spring 2012

July 26, 2011

Summer Mission 2011 is over but Spring Mission 2012 is ramping up rapidly. We are recruiting Emergency Physicians for the biggest EM Conference ever in Vietnam. Come and join us. More information HERE


Closing Ceremony

Dr. Vu Khue, Director of Examination & Treatment Department of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health making closing remarks. He stated he and the government understands the struggles of the current practicing Emergency Physicians in Vietnam and help is on the way.

Dr. James Ramseier, GSMDM Committee member, awarding Certificates of Completion to some of the physician attendees closing another chapter of the book on the development of Emergency Medicine in Vietnam.

Our team is looking forward to another great EM Symposium in 2012.

Hands on lab sessions

44 Physicians from the US, Canada, Australia, France shared knowledge and skills with 60 Vietnamese physicians from all 3 regions of Vietnam.�Many of these physicians are chair or vice chair of their EM / EMS departments. They will pass on their learned skills here to their colleagues back home.

Dr. Carter Hill shared basic airway management. Simulators are provided by Laerdal and SimuLabs.

Drs. Ha Vu and Manon Kwon from LA County USC shared techniques of chest tube placement using animal models.

Drs. Hien Le and Rimon Bengiamin from University of California San Francisco shared Ultrasound techniques in Emergency Diagnosis.� Ultrasound machines are supplied by SonoSites.

Dr. Tin Huynh shared advanced airway management techniques as treatments for challenging intubation cases.

Dr. Lorne Porayko from Canada shared basic airway intubation.

Dr. Susan Thompson shared techniques of E-FAST in trauma.

LA County USC EM Residents shared techniques of Central Venous Catheter placement.

Dr. Danielle Hart shared the evaluation and management of a multiple trauma patient using high fidelity manequins provided by Laerdal.

First full day of EM / Nursing Lectures and labs

 For the first time, Vietnamese Physicians became part of our faculty.�Here Dr. Ai Quynh is giving the first lecture on Multiple Trauma.

Sixty eight physicians around the country were specifically chosen to participate in this "Train the Trainer" conference.

The nursing conference sees its limits expanded because of the great need for training even with just nurses in the city of Hue.�Their time for training is so limited they can only take one day of off direct patient care for the conference yet110 nurses from around the Thua Thien Hue Province came for the training.

Nurses from the US, Australia worked in conjunction with Hue nurses to present issues in EM and Critical Care Nursing.

Vietnam Emergency Medicine Society?

The 2011 International Emergency Medicine Conference was well attended and well represented. Leaders from the Ministry of Health, Bach Mai, Hue Central, Cho Ray hospitals were all present along with physicians and nurses around the country.

Many physicians and leaders around the country understood the importance of Emergency Medicine and its place in society. Yet everyone had been working separately without any significant communication or coordination to improve the delivery of care. This conference provided a forum in which they were able to sit down and take a hard look at there they were, where they are now and where they want to go in the future. At the end of the conference day, the delegates in unanimously agreed that there is a need to form an Emergency Medicine Society to help guide them in the future. As such a fledging organization is form. This body will now work together to seek formal approval from various governmental agencies to act as one voice for Emergency Medicine in Vietnam. This is indeed a next great step for Emergency Medicine!

At this Leadership Conference, our team of specialists presented 3 major topics:

1. Dr. Peter Cameron, President of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine presented the role of an Emergency Medicine Society in the development of Emergency Medicine as a specialty.

2.��Dr. Tamara Thomas, Associate Dean of Loma Linda University School of Medicine presented the education of Emergency Physician and Staff through the Emergency Department at the hospital level.

3. Dr. Richard Guth, Director of Trauma Services for California Emergency Physician presented the Management of an Emergency Department.

After a full year of preparation the 6th Annual Emergency Medicine Conference is about to get underway. In the past 5 years this EM project was primarily based at Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy. But as the program expands, there is a great need to involve other medical institutions in Vietnam. As such this year's program is a collaborative effort between Hue Central Hospital, Hue College of Medicine, Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi and Cho Ray Hospital in Saigon. The program is fully endorsed by the Ministry of Health with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Xuyen and The Director of Examination and Treatment Dr. Vu Ngoc Khue.

There are 3 conferences planned. The International Emergency Conference brings together the brightest minds of the International Emergency Medicine experts and the leaders of the North, Central and South Vietnam in an unprecedented meeting. It is hoped that the conference will see the need to further develop this specialty in Vietnam and form the first Emergency Medicine Society to lead the way.

The EM Symposium will train 66 Vietnamese physicians from around the country in the area of trauma with lectures and hands on labs utilizing state of the art technology.

The Nursing Symposium will train 80 nurses from Hue in the areas of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care.