GSMDM Leadership

The GSMDM Board and Committees are composed of all volunteers who donated their times, talents, money to make this Ministry the way it is today.

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Changing Lives, one at a time!

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What's New:

Summer 2012 Application

August 20, 2011

Save the dates: Summer Mission 2012 will be July 13-28. Application will be available online October 1, 2011

Current News:

Summer 2011 is over, looking forward to Spring 2012

July 26, 2011

Summer Mission 2011 is over but Spring Mission 2012 is ramping up rapidly. We are recruiting Emergency Physicians for the biggest EM Conference ever in Vietnam. Come and join us. More information HERE

About Our Leadership Team


GSMDM Leadership Teams consisted of 24 volunteers divided into 4 teams. Every team member had been a mission member and after the life changing experience came back to serve as leaders. There are no paid staff.

1. GSMDM Board of Directors directs the entire Ministry's work and is composed of various professionals representing various aspects of the team.

2. The Institute (GSMDI) Board of Directors is soley responsible for the planning and building of the Institute and shares some of the same Directors from the GSMDM Board.

3. The Education Committee comprises of a group of Emergency Medicine Physicians from around the country whose sole purpose is to assist Vietnam in its effort to formalize the Emergency Medicine Specialty. This committee is assisted by a group of colleagues serving as advisors.

4. The Mission Committee is composed of a group of young volunteers, often college age students who had been on previous missions and were trained by the Ministry as leaders. Upon returning from the mission they were chosen from among a pool of leaders to lead the next team.